Straight To The Finish

Mar 1, 2018 | Blog

The amount of finishes you are able to use on ironmongery today are amazing to say the least, you’ll be able to choose from at least 10 unique finishes.

15 years ago the finishes you could use on lever handles were only, aluminium and brass. If you really got fancy you got some Italian imported handle in satin brass maybe, and that was it. The best of all, you can get all the accessories, cylinders , flushbolts, rebate kits in the same finish now. Can you remember back in the day, using a black lever handle, you had to choose if the hinges we going to be brass or satin chrome.

Those were the options. Your handle was one finish and the accessories were another. So you ended up with a black lever handle with a chrome or brass cylinder spoiling the show.

Straight To The Finish

In the last couple of years the demand for unique and specialized finishes have become very popular. You still had a problem if you wanted the accessories to match. I didn’t like the idea of having a beautiful black handle with a chrome cylinder sticking out of it.

It defeated the purpose. I decided to solve the problem and match all accessories in any colour the handles were going to be. Certain items were easy to import but the biggest problem were the cylinders. Matching a cylinder to a specific finish is not an easy task.

At first it was an uphill battle, a lot of testing and samples were done, but after about 6 months we got it right with a lot of persistence. Picture it, a lovely black handle, black hinges matching flushbolts, doorstops, rebate kits, you name it. Amazingly unique ironmongery.

Having a complete finishing solution now makes sense because all items match and now nothing sticks out like a sore thumb.

Have a look at our finishes on or give me a call if you need any assistance.

Contact: André du Toit – 083 235 8790

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