Let’s Hang Them Doors

Mar 1, 2018 | Blog

Hinges are so underestimated when it comes to ironmongery. Price always pays a part, client wants to shave a couple of rands off a quote, I always advise not to cut anything on the hinges. Why? because a good hinge will last for 30years plus if selected correctly for the type of traffic it should handle. Obviously the weights of the door are vitally important too.

Hinges are most probably the most important ironmongery item you will choose when hanging doors, lets face it if the hinge doesn’t work whatever you are hanging becomes a pain in the butt. You encounter various types of hinges on a daily basis. Think about it, security gates, kitchen cupboards, internal doors, entrance doors. Its also true that when they dont work properly we get very annoyed.

If you select the correct type of hinge at the start of your project you can rest assured for the next 40 years plus. But can you? Hinges arent what they were 15 years ago, the move to ball bearing hinges specifically in the door market has been a welcome change. Gone are the days of hinges failing after a couple of weeks just to realize that cheap and nasty hinges were used instead of the specified products. Ball bearings in the manufacturing of butt hinges have dramatically increased the weight bearing capacity of hinges. By doing that the lifetime of these hinges increased dramatically.

Its been a good innings since they became the standard, but be careful, as there is always someone trying to cut the corner there has been an increase of the cheap and nasty version of the ball bearing butt hinge recently. The culprit – Price – as can be expected. Why would you spend a R100 on a pair of hinges if you could get the same product for R35? But is it the same? Of course it cant be and the unsuspecting client who normally is just happy to save some bucks get nabbed with a below standard product ending up replacing the product in a couple years when they fail.

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