Deco Doorware’s selection of door hinges is a testament to the blend of functionality and aesthetics. In the Black collection, the ‘Ball Bearing Butt Hinge’ stands out, offering a sleek finish and durability. The Brass range is diverse, with the ‘Brass Double Ball Bearing Butt Hinge’ available in varying sizes, the sturdy ‘Brass Projection Hinge’, and the ‘Antique Brass Double Ball Bearing Butt Hinge’ for those who prefer a vintage touch. The Stainless Steel collection is vast, featuring the ‘Ball Bearing Butt Hinge’ in different dimensions, the versatile ‘Projection Hinge’, the ‘Stainless Steel Sinkless Hinge’, and more. For those seeking a lightweight option, the ‘Aluminium Natural Anodised Sinkless Hinge’ is an excellent choice.



Stainless Steel